Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant
& Sweets in Queens
New York 

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life by divining into the unique Indian atmosphere at Lucky Dhaba restaurant.

After trying Indian specialties performed by our professional team of cooks, you will not only be full but also get the gastronomic pleasure and a powerful boost of energy from the incredible taste of vegetables, beans, grains, and rice combined with exotic spices and herbs. To create healthy culinary masterpieces, we use only high-quality, natural, and fresh products from reliable suppliers. The slogan of our Vegetarian Restaurant is «Eat Healthy, Live longer.» Nothing represents India more than its vegetarian cuisine and rich, vibrant culture, which we express not only in each of our dishes but also in the interior design. Lucky Dhaba is a pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant located in Queens, New York. The cozy place with an authentic interior filled with a variety of oriental elements: patterns, ornaments, exotic accessories, figurines. Thanks to the warm, pleasant ambiance, you can completely relax, feel inner peace and harmony with yourself and enjoy your meal more.

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Smart choices in plant-based cuisine

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Delicious Food for your Active Lifestyle

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I have been a vegetarian for over a decade now and Lucky Dhaba is the best restaurant in town. They have a huge selection of dishes and the staff is always knowledgeable about what I can eat. I've been to other places but Lucky Dhaba has been my go-to place for years now. The food is just delicious and filling!

Confident man

Rory M.


Our restaurant is also famous for its hospitable, friendly and always cheerful staff, consisting of professional waiters and highly qualified cooks. These culinary masters create real vegetarian masterpieces that will surprise you with their originality and new taste experiences. What is our secret? Cooking with only good thoughts Everything is made from scratch, using natural ingredients and perfectly balanced spice blends Lucky Dhaba’s team proves that plant foods can be delicious, amazing, and pleasant to look at while remaining healthy. Come and enjoy the multifaceted flavors of India!

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